SIFCO ASC Achieves ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard


SIFCO ASC Achieves ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

ISO 14001 ENVIROMENTAL MANAGEMENT STANDARD SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), a world leading supplier of selective plating technology and solutions, has achieved the internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

The ISO 14001 standard addresses various aspects of environmental management and recognises companies that are seen to identify and control their environmental impact across a variety of areas.

Part of Norman Hay Plc, SIFCO ASC has met the strict criteria of the standard by taking measures to reduce energy consumption at its UK site in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Savings have been generated by reductions in fuel consumption, by switching to low emission vehicles, increasing recycling and reuse of packaging, plus saving paper and ink usage by moving a high volume of print processes online through implementation of SAGE business software.

Mark Smith, European general manager for SIFCO ASC, explains: “An audit of our environmental management 18 months ago revealed that we had already made several positive changes that had an impact on our energy usage, such as using low energy lightbulbs, recycling and reusing packaging and ensuring that all electrical equipment was turned off at the end of every day. We were impressed with the results and wanted to demonstrate that it is possible to make a big difference to energy consumption by making relatively simple changes. Since the audit we have made additional changes to the way we operate, which has led to SIFCO ASC being awarded the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.”

“We are thrilled to be recognised for our efforts and it is testament to our commitment to improving the efficiency of our operations and the wider focus on our environmental credentials. Given that we work a lot with chemicals, we felt as a business that it was extremely important that we recognise our responsibility to the environment. We plan to continue to demonstrate our dedication to environmental management, with the aim of reducing our energy consumption even more, and we are also looking at ways to further reduce wet waste from our chemical processes as part of an ongoing improvement programme.”

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts provide practical, cost-effective selective plating solutions to improve part performance and reduce manufacturing costs through corrosion protection, increased wear resistance, increased hardness, improved conductivity, anti-galling or slip. SIFCO ASC surface enhancement technologies and selective plating services have been utilised for over 50 years on both OEM components and on parts requiring refurbishment in the aerospace, oil and gas, general industry and power generation sectors.